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I believe all people are natural born creatives, and that anyone is capable of learning to draw and paint, regardless of their age or level of experience.  As an art educator, it is my primary goal to recognize the unique abilities of each student and to facilitate students in developing their individual artistic voice and style.  I instructed studio art courses atTexas Woman's University for six years, and taught secondary level art for two years.  


I believe in a holistic art experience, which means you or your child will learn art fundamentals, as well as representational and abstract techniques. I want all of my students to enjoy themselves in the studio while they develop their creative and expressive ablilities.



I instruct private and small group lessons for adolescants and adults (ages 12 and up), and can teach up to three students per class.  Techniques I offer are drawing, creative journaling, acrylic painting, oil painting, watercolor, and mixed media painting.  In these lessons, you will learn fundamentals, such as the elelments of design, perspective, and color theory.  In the studio I provide hands on demonstrations to teach new techniques and encourage students to explore a variety of media. 


If you already have some experience and want to learn a specific process, I am able to design a lesson plan that suits your individual goals.  If you are a parent and homeschool your child, or want to provide college preparation for your child, I can create a curriculum that engages students in critical thinking through creative writing exercises, in class discussions, individual and group critiques, and research assignments, which expose them to contemporary and historical artists. If you want to just come have fun, express yourself, and enjoy the freedom of a creative environment, that's great too! 


To get started, please fill out the Enrollment Form.  I ask that every new student/parent fill out this form first, so that I can understand your goals and interests before we meet.  Once you have completed the form, I will call to schedule your first lesson.  


If you have any questions or concerns, please send me a message using the Contact Form, or call me at (469)226-9938.

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