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  • Jessica Bellamy

52 Letters Week 30

I see how active you are in collaborating with other artists...

I was very hopeful.

Now for the meaningful writing...

thank you for being my friend all those years ago.

Was it the 5th grade...?

In my hazy memories we were

two insecure girls

named Jessica

trying to navigate the social hell

of adolescence.

...hard adjusting years

My mom moved us,

starting middle school with no dad

and no friends...

....I clung to those few visits we had.

Then you moved...

I always admired you for being so unique. express yourself so much more

honestly and openly

than I ever did.

I love that about you!

Knowing you helped me to embrace

my "otherness"...

I ALWAYS felt different...

Still do.

I love the artwork you have been sharing. primal

and angry

and beautiful.

It's fabulous and

so very reflective of you. thing I've been thinking about--

my role as an artist

in these times.

How I'll reflect these...things,

if I will at all.

I would love to know your thoughts on that.

...I'm running out of space...

There was so much more

I wanted to say--


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