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  • Jessica Bellamy

52 Letters Week 29

Do you know it's been almost eleven years

since I've seen your lovely face?

Maybe more...

Such a very long time.

Are you happy?

I hope so.

I keep thinking about our times together...

Romanticizing it, probably.

You were this mysterious protege of Kathy's...

quiet, keeping to yourself,

making fabulous art.

I was a bit of a loaner...

I keep sifting through my memories...

can't remember when

we started our friendship.

Memories are like that--

a collection of thousands of instances

that cease to become linear,

the beginnings and ends get lost...

we begin to wonder

if some of them even happened.

I remember the important things...

your smile, your laugh. pushed me to be more...

...showed me, by example, that I needed

to put more heart into my work...

take more risks...

that I could make beautiful work

that addressed ugly topics.

Do you remember that manifesto you wrote?

I loved it!

You KNEW what art should be about...

what it should stand for.

I miss those days. much more simple,

even though we were each dealing

with complicated problems.

Such complex challenges...

we were all an escape for one another.

We learned, we laughed, and created,

each in our own ways.

...the three of us together...

Such wonderful,

precious memories!

Thank you for all of them.

#52Letters #52Letters

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