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  • 52 Letters Week 27

52 Letters Week 27

As I was working on the art,

you kept popping into my mind...

I knew it was time.

This is week 27...

Sometimes it feels like the time is creeping by

so slowly---


like it's flying by,

and I just can't keep up.

It's autumn...

that time of year I always begin

to reflect on my life.

...the choices I have made

different choices

...everything I have accomplished

things I never did.

It's a confusing state to exist in...

it happens every year

around this time.

It's become some bizarre kind of normal to me.

It's uncanny--

the things I share with you

even in a letter.

...some people just


Maybe it's...

our complex relationship with art.

I don't really know,

I'm just glad that it is.

You are such a talented artist...

the most empathetic,

sensitive soul,

and amazingly tempered strength.

What a phenomenal combination of traits...

they make you a wonderful person.

I hope that you are happy.

I hope that you are creating...

just to MAKE is vital.

Are you going to make more of the still life's?

It would be great

to see a series of these

reflecting our culture--

such as it is these days.

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