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  • Jessica Bellamy

52 Letters Week 26

I want the entire process to be

honest and organic,

not artifice or overthinking.

...I am able to be intimate,


and authentic.

I knew when I began this project

you would be on my list...

Of all the women alive right now...

I admire you most.

I thought I should admire an artist more.

But no;

it's you.

I feel...

there are very few who take

the welfare of the people into account

as a top priority.


are one of the few.

I have never seen a more passionately authentic,

CARING politician

in MY lifetime. aren't afraid or bullied.

You get ANGRY on our behalf

and you express it!

In an age where women...

have to monitor and gauge






you don't!

I'm feeling excitement just by writing it!

You attack...

corrupt systems with a drive

and intensity


that terrifies all the...puppets

and their masters.

...thank you

so very much

for being such a brave hero

and advocate for us.

Thank you for being...

a wonderful role model for women.

You give me hope

and make me proud.

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