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  • Jessica Bellamy

52 Letters Week 25

Thank you so much or the lovely collection of feathers.

I love that you labeled and catalogued

exactly where they came from! know the stories they carry.

...I'm sorry to have made you wait so long.

...I wait for a signal to tell me when to write

letters to specific people.

...I got the feathers from you,

I knew it was time...

The most precious feathers...

you discovered in your father's journal.

I knew I had to send one back to you.

It makes the artwork...carry more meaning

and spiritual weight.

...your latest work...

the pieces are very striking.

The values and textures you layer

and bury

engross me.

The values,

the marks,

the absence of color,

and the graphite.

...working on these letters...

the wholeness I experience from working intuitively.

Thinking in color,


patterns, textures,

and objects.

Not overthinking--

not dwelling on concept and intent so much.

Getting lost in the process. take that same process larger.

I believe you will be able

to relate to all of what

I just said.

I'm beginning to believe that

if I am in a good spiritual place

as I create the work.

the rest will take care of itself.

The time we worked together...

full of so many special memories.

Thank you for all the help

and moral support...

I was blessed to have great students and colleagues

who made me feel vital...

And thank you for all the times you made me laugh!

I hope that all is going well for you

and that you are happy

and laughing


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