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  • Jessica Bellamy

52 Letters Reply 4

You can't imagine my surprise when I opened your envelope.

My heart did a big beat.

I'm going to follow your writing guidelines.

I totally agree about handwritten.

...what comes out IS different.'s from the heart primarily

and less the head.

This particular group of women has been critical...

giving me the support to push myself...

grow in confidence,

as well as artistically.

Your comments about _____ were very poignant and meaningful.

Yes, to answer your question--

I DO feel stronger...

more empowered.

I would NEVER be doing what I'm doing.

I would never have had the courage...

Be grateful...

Those memories are the ones to hang on to--

don't regret what didn't happen.

I love you and cherish your letter.

I found one of my little paintings...

that I want you to have.

It really expresses my feelings that I blossomed after...

image credit: Ingrid Scobie;


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