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  • Jessica Bellamy

52 Letters Week 21

I'm now on week 21 of the project...

time is going by so fast.

I handwrite the letters...

it becomes more intimate,

my voice changes,

I feel compelled to be more honest.

I love that we are all so different,

in age, personality, and artistic styles. keeps our discussions very engaging...

encourages me to look at the work we all create more objectively.

I'm enjoying how your work is changing--

all the ways you are altering the images,

but retaining the same process.

...they are so abstract that I simply enjoy interactions of the colors,

all the variations of the grid.

One thing I've been wanting to share with you,

but haven't been able to verbalize,

is how much you remind me of...

It's in the way you say certain things--

the small expressions you make.

When it happens I feel a bittersweet jolt.

I like to think she may have been like you,

had she lived...

I somewhat understand how hard it is.

Do you feel stronger and more empowered for it?

Or are you just thankful that you have done it--

are doing it?

I think you should feel like a super hero!

Now I've finally told you.

You remind me of...

that is a good thing.

She was an amazing person with a beautiful spirit...

That was harder to share than I thought it would be.

I don't know why;

some intimate, personal things are just that way.


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