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  • Jessica Bellamy

52 Letters Week 19

It was so nice to see you again,

and to meet your beautiful family.

I think it's amazing the ways in which people change and stay the same.

You should know that following you...

has been a great motivator for me to become a more productive artist

and helped me to have the courage to share my work...

I adore your work!

It is so honest

and quirky

and beautiful

and analytical.

I have no idea how you are able to capture all these qualities simultaneously...

I'm happy that you found each other.

...a very supportive partner.

Better yet,

a collaborator.

...a genuine, creative, inherently good person--

just like you. be one deserves it more.

you are one of the few truly kind people I have known in my life.

Even when times are difficult,

I believe you would still project positive energy outwards.

That is rare in a person.

I'm sorry my letters tend to jump around.

Very reflective of the thoughts in my head, I suppose.

Thank you for agreeing to collaborate...

I've been wanting to do this for years...

That's why I draw the birds.

They make me feel closer to her...

They comfort me.

It astounds me,

how much pain we can endure.

With the right outlook and loved ones to support us,

we are eventually able to feel joy and love again.

A lot of meaning to attach to a bird skeleton, huh?

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