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  • Jessica Bellamy

52 Letters Week 18

I wanted to send your letter this week.

You beat me to the punch!

Thank you for the card and your words.

This is more about giving than receiving.

I create the art intuitively...

when I make mistakes, I either work with them,

or let them shine through in all their glory.

I felt some pressure working on your art...

it was important to me that it be full of positive light an energy.

I admire your strength and grace and honesty...

I have no idea what it's really like for you...

All I can do is imagine.

There is such a primal, elemental quality to your art that I connect with.

...all the exportation you do, too.

I don't feel complete if I can't create.

I become anxious and depressed.

I miss your presence...

you bring a refreshing and humorous levity to our discussions...

I will be a stronger woman when all is done.

Hell, you're already strong!

And brave.

And beautifully wonderful and kind.


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