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  • Jessica Bellamy

52 Letters Week 15

I feel like it's been two forevers...

Are you making art?

...I'd love to see anything you're working on.

--I've been making a lot of art.

Some good--

some not so good.

I went through a grieving process after I left...

It's hard to go without the dynamism of the classroom,

and a full creative environment.

I feel very fortunate to have worked with you.

I enjoyed all of our conversations.

You were also a great mentor...

You gave wonderful advice and support...

I'll never forget it.

One of the most significant things you did--

discuss and share material about art theory and philosophy.

I could see how positively it informed their work and conceptual development.

It sounds like so small an issue, but to me...

it wasn't.

In a round about way, I just wanted you to to know

I value the time we worked together.

And thank you for all you did for so many people.


I've been hanging on to those cicada wings for the better part of two years!

I know you appreciate the vestiges of dead things.

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