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  • Jessica Bellamy

52 Letters Week 14

I ask if I have their permission to share parts of their letters openly or anonymously.

Some people don't want me to share, and that's okay.

Truthfully, most don't write back, and that's okay too.

This is MY endeavor and MY journey.'s more about me sharing with others and making my self more vulnerable...

The only two situations in which I feel completely at home in my body...

when I'm creating and when I'm teaching.

These aren't just professions...

It's who and what I AM.

I love the advice you would share...

the genuine interest you had in all the artists you talked with.

I still feel different...

Here I am DOING the work-

most of them needed permission to start the work.

I have that already.

My biggest self.

My insecurities,

my shyness,

my inner critic beating the shit out of me all the damn time.

I REALLY related to your struggles.

So, here I am doing this project--

sending letters to strangers...

Things still aren't great...

But I keep working and writing these letters.

They help.

Even if I feel like I'm going up on a downward escalator.

Thank you for sharing your self with such honesty.

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