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  • Jessica Bellamy

52 Letters Week 11

Each week I am writing to a person who has left an imprint on my life.

When was the last time you wrote a letter that wasn't part of a greeting card?

Not typed or texted, but wrote.

You are the only person from [...] that I am writing to.

You were the only one that got me.

I never would have guessed that we would have such an instant connection...

I've always wondered why you just came by my house that day.

I'm glad you did.

I got along well in school, but never felt like I fit.

I always felt different.

I saw that in you, too.

You were bold and uncompromising in your identity.

You were so outspoken, and I so was not.

My mom loved you to pieces...

You made us laugh...brought light into our lives when we had some dark times.

I told you never judged me.

...I never judged you.

Then life happened.

I believe it's a testament to our friendship...

we were able to just start up again.

Sure, we had 15 years to fill in, but it didn't matter.

Thank you for finding me--

when we were 15 and when we were 30.

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