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52 Letters: Replies

This week I begin posting reply letters!

It is so very exciting to receive responses to the letters I have written. Let's all be honest, it makes us a bit giddy to get mail that we know isn't an advert or a bill. It's something special, mailed to you, simply for the pleasure of it. To know that I am beginning to receive mail in response to what I have sent out makes it all the more exciting.

I have to be honest. I have only received three so far, but I think that's pretty good! And all three letters were heartfelt and touching, AND embellished with beautiful artwork.

I have created a new blog category called 52 Letters Replies, and I'll be sharing these letters about every two weeks. I will also credit all original artwork to the artists, and include links to their websites so you can check out more of their fabulous artwork.

Best to all!

image credit: Deanna Wood,

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