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  • Jessica Bellamy

52 Letters Week 5

I just committed myself to writing this letter to you!

I stalled for ten minutes.

I explain why I'm doing this, and I always give different reasons, because there are so many reasons.

...I decided to make myself vulnerable, and share my thoughts and feelings with people who I would never have the courage to contact.

I'm a bit of a shy person, you see.

I believe that all artists are plagued with feeling vulnerable.

It's so easy to create work that we know others will "like" or "buy".

It's safe and it feeds our ego.

But is it truly HONEST work, saturated with authenticity?

I began listening late in the game. feeds so many curiosities and validates so many of my emotions and beliefs.

I connect with complete strangers, whose stories make me laugh, make me angry, make me question my morality... start with a question that leads to more questions, and no clear answer.

It is a philosophy I want to always be present in my work.

I very rarely see anything in black and white...

I take comfort in knowing that in the scheme of the universe and humanity, I am not singular or special. It makes me feel less pressured by life, death, and whatever the hell comes after that.

It helps to not feel alone...

my pain is no greater than someone else's.

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