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  • Jessica Bellamy

52 Letters Week 4

I'm sitting in my studio listening to Radiohead. Thinking of our empathic taste in music and how much I would love to go have a coffee with you right now.

The way I've chosen the last two recipients was to make the art and let it tell me who it wanted to go to. As soon as I put the wing on there, I knew.

I don't plan out these letters, so they tend to meander a bit.

Do you realize that you were pivotal...I was close to quitting.

I wasn't like you...I only came into art in college. There was a huge feeling of inadequacy.

You were-and are-so talented. I was struggling so much....

You welcomed me...

made me feel and BELIEVE I had a valid place...

showed me techniques...

helped me become confident.

You challenged me intellectually, and made me think more profoundly and HONESTLY than anyone had before.

You made being there fun...I love you so much for that!

Memories keep flashing through my mind.

It all seems so recent and so long ago. Memories are like that.

If you don't want to write back, that's okay. I wanted to share with you how I feel about our friendship, and how the time we spent together has changed my life.

The Pixies are playing, and I'm running out of paper.

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